Our Products

The wedges we supply, are the least expensive type of wedge from other variants. The barrels and wedges
are easy to handle and to clean and are generally used at the stressing end of the casting bed.

When the barrels and wedges are used in conjunction with single-wire stressing jacks, hydraulic lock-off facility open grips have the advantage that
pull-in lossesĀ  and are reduced to an absolute minimum. Also on detensioning barrels and wedges are very easy to handle.
Open grip barrels and wedges are also often used as post-tensioning wedges.


The images provide captions of 2,64mm wedges and 4mm wedges

We supply the barrels for the 2,64mm wedges and 4mm wedges respectively.


It is not possible to say just how many times such barrels and wedges can be reused as this will depend on the stressing force applied, on the type and hardness of the prestressing steel used, on the size and robustnessĀ of the barrels and wedges concerned and on the care with which they are cleaned and serviced. As a general
rule, wedges can be used between 50 and several 100 times. The number of reuses of the barrels is generally a multiple of that of the wedges.

Quality assurance by the user:

Once the barrels and wedges are out of our hands, we have no way of ensuring that they are properly maintained. It is for this reason and of utmost importance that our customers also contribute to quality assurance in order to ensure that the barrels and wedges are maintained in a safe and efficient condition.
Barrels and wedges must be cleaned and serviced as often as necessary, depending on how dirty they become. Only if they are regularly and comprehensively checked can it be ensured that no worn or damaged barrels and wedges are made use of.